GSIs for ISF 100A Fall 2021

Course: ISF 100A (Fall 2021)
Course Title: Introduction to Social Theory and Cultural AnalysisInstructor: Shreeharsh Kelkar

Lecture: TuTh 12:30P-1:59P | 212 Wheeler
Section#1  M 3:00P-3:59P | 285 Cory
Section#2  M 10:00A-10:59A | 3 EvansSection#3  Tu 9:00A-9:59A | 285 CorySection#4  Tu 5:00P-5:59P | 102 Latimer  

ISF 100A is an interdisciplinary introduction to social theory and cultural analysis. This course, required of all ISF majors but open to all students, provides an introduction to the works of foundational social theorists of the 19th and 20th centuries.  Students will be asked to think through the theories of society proposed by particular thinkers, the settings in which these theories were proposed, and apply them to the current events and everyday situations. Students will read social theorists intensively and critically, situating their intellectual contributions in the history of social transformations wrought by industrialization and urbanization, political revolution, and the development of modern consumer society.

We require 2 GSIs for this course, preferably PhD students in History, Anthropology, Sociology, Rhetoric, or Information (or other departments) who are familiar with theories of  liberalism, capitalism, feminism, colonialism, modernity, globalization, nationalism, bureaucracy, knowledge, and culture (among others).  They should have some acquaintance with thinkers like Karl Marx, Max Weber, Judith Butler and Michel Foucault. Each GSI will be responsible for two sections of roughly 25 students each.  They will meet with their sections one hour a week, conduct discussions, and grade assignments and exams.  They will also attend the main lecture and help the instructor organize active learning exercises.  
If this might be of interest, please send an email to with your CV and your prior teaching evaluations (especially if you’ve been a GSI before).  In the CV, please be sure to describe your teaching experiences, especially here at Berkeley.